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Show me, mother
Show me how to play
What will reveal behind the card?
Why can't I fly?
Why can't I throw the dart?
Why can't I make father happy?
Tell me, mother
What words shouldn't I say?
I love you mother
Give me candy
Feed me hot corn
I am not hungry anymore
Come to me, mother
When I begin to cry
When I don't feel well
When I need to go
And lie beside me, mother
Until I fall asleep
Give me your hand, mother
When we walk in the park
When we sit in the dark
When I'm sleepy and in need of your warmth
When I have nothing to do
Leave me, mother
When I strain at the screen
When I know I'll get punished
For doing something forbidden
Like stealing chocolate
Or wearing your jewelry
Leave me, mother
When I'm about to meet my friend
And show him my collection
That I saw from the screen
And when we go to that doctor of teeth
Comfort me, mother
When I fall and get bruised
When I got bad news
Father won't play
When we have to leave the slides
At the end of the day
Comfort me with chocolate

Applaud me, mother
When I win you at cards
When I paint a picture
When I do something nice for you
When I grow
Look at me, mother
When I show you my trick
When I jump in the pool
When I put another brick
when I make a face
When I do something good
Help me, mother
When I've broken the toy
When I'm afraid to meet the new kid
When I begin to ride the bike
When we cross the street
When I tie my shoe
When I want to look higher
Bend and give me your shoulders
Kiss me, mother
When we're happy with love
When my birthday has come
And my candle is blown
When I get a scratch
Kiss it, and it will heal
Tell me, mother
That you love me the most
More than him
More than her
More than everyone
Shout at him
And love me

You are my mother
And I love you
You are my mother
Until I grow