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Written in jail 11-24-97                  ©LEHST/BERGEMANN 

I shed a tear for the U.S.A. 
it ceased to exist today..... 
the principles of wrong and right 
are overshadowed by Politician's Might. 

The tears keep streaming down my face 
as local governments ruin the human race 
No one HAS Freedom till they GRANT the rights 
only broken familes, minds; endless legal fights 

As I give up my beloved home 
They send me hopeless now to roam 
my dignity gone--my confidence dead 
as they keep us all in the financial red. 

The illusions that we even ever HAD rights 
is a horrible nightmare to confront these nights; 
Mental Illness becomes the norm 
as power mongers block adequate reform 

The popularity contest is dirty at best 
with good citizens for them to detest 
and the visions that we people ever even owned 
ANY happiness or futures?--They were ONLY LOANED. 

The tears run down my cheek 
the earth will never be owned by the meek 
...but rather by the ANIMAL NATURE OF MANKIND, 
as the soul of our Nation we cannot find..... 

This is the poem referred to in a filing of Federal Lawsuit 98-C-0852-C 
that was mailed to all from Robin Bergemann's jail cell as an Xmas poem. 
He actually had tears streaming down his face when he wrote it. This is 
the feeling of desperation of not even knowing what your future will be. 

Previously sent by U.S. Mail to the Wisconsin ACLU who replied by mail.



Beware of further crime and punishments !!!